If you would like a proof for your order please make that request in the order note section of the cart.  

Proofs take 1-4 business days on average and can push back the competition date for your order. We cannot guarantee an in hands date that is less than 2 weeks out if a proof is requested. This two week time frame includes the initial proof and one revision. If multiple revisions are requested that may push back the in hands date. 

There is an additional $10 layout setup fee for proofs. This applies once per order for unique items. If proofs are requested for all items with the same layout, but some text changes (i.e. names and titles for nametags, name and years of service for a plaque, etc), it will be an additional $2 per proof. This is due to the time intensive nature of setting up many proofs.

If you submit your text to us electronically, we do copy and paste to ensure no typos.